April 25, 2015

A day of reflection in The State Hermitage Museum

I was sitting one day right before the weekends, in friday, and thinking about places that I want to visit, that I have never been into before in my city and I realized, that there's one important and such a magnificent place that I have never visited. And that's rigth, you guessed it by the title, it was The State Hermitage Museum in my city Saint-Petersburg.

In this cloudy and rainy day it was such a blast for me to touch and see something that huge and significant. It's nice to know that it's special not only for me or my country, but for the whole wide world too.
When I walked there I thought about nothing but history and culture that have been built for such a long period of time by all of those famous and important people. Or those incredible artist who wrote a thousands of great pictures and made those insane interiors and sculptures. But at the end I started realizing that all of those fabulous and gold things didn't make all of them that happy at all, most of them lost their minds or weren't appreciated at all in their time because they were such a geniuses. That's so bad to know that for everything that they've done people were so unfair to them and just didn't understand it. So my thought was for the life in general is that we make a lot of conclusions about something or someone even if we're not specialists in it, so let's be pacient and kind to each other as long as we can be, value people around us, mind our own businesses and maybe someday we will be remembered too.

Love you,
Katya xx

What I was wearing
 Black zip pants
Black zip pants
Black Ferrari handbag
Striped navy blue sweater (similar)