July 6, 2015

Day in the Amusement park

This was a really cold summer day ( no wonder, i live in the northern city), right after my 18th birthday, so we decided to extend our celebration and go to the new gorgeous amusement park which was built on one of the St. Petes islands, and its called Divo Island now. It really is as wonderfull as its name. Now it is a summer time, therefore it means a flower season, so I got to see their marvelous tulips composition, that they made at the entrance and of course take a photo of that! yay!

I an a fan of classical attractions. So I ride on the Ferris wheel with mind blowing view. ... also because it was tooooo cold for a fast ride and anything like that!

So that's it for todays article. I really enjoyed riding there with my family and that day in general.
Stay tuned! I have a lot to show you!

And here I found for you the exact same and similar clothes that I wore, click on the images to see details:

Trench from MANGO (exact )

pants from MANGO (exact)

black Ferrari bag (exact)

Scarf  from H&M (similar)

Slip ons from TOPSHOP (exact) 

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