July 21, 2015

How I do my manicure. Tips + Products ♡

Basicly everybody wants strong, healthy and pretty looking nails. But lets be clear it takes a while to make them so and then to keep them in order. So lets get right into it. 
All of the products I am going to talk about today I have found without any recommendations or ads. If the previous ones didn't work for me I kept trying and exploring more and more. And finally I found the perfect products for myself . I hope they will work for you as grear as they do for me.

So here are the steps that I follow, when I do my manicure:

1. Use nail polish remover. It doesn't matter whether your nails coloured or not. I do this to prevent the bubbles and to make sure that there's nothing left on my nails and that they're completely clean. Nail polish remover makes the perfect base for the future manicure.

2. Make the perfect shape using the nail clipper and nail buff/file. Ther's nothing special just crop it and make the nail form that you want.

3. Get rid of the cuticle. This step requires a cuticle trimmer and Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover (this one is my favourite! In combination with the trimmer my cuticle really disappears). What I do is that I just put a little bit of product on each finger, wait around 10 sec., push the cuticle down with the trimmer's other side and then I remove it.

4. The last but not least I put on the nails my secret weapon! It's this amazing nail base by Belweder, which contains vitamin C, vitamin E, panthenol and argan oil.I found that this thing makes my nails stronger and prettier actually, with its creamy colour. It really is my go to treatment.

Then I would leave my nails like that or I'll put on a nail polish. My favourite summer nail polish by far is Essie Blanc one. I'm just obssesed a bit with this simple and clean colour that goes with everything. I've been wearing it nonstop lately. So yeah, and then I use my fave top coat, which is Revlon multi care base+top coat

So that's gonna to be it for today's post. And also I wanted to say that of course beauty comes from the inside and to recieve enough calcium, zinc, vitamin B12 and iron is the most for that gorgeous healthy nails.

Also I wanted to know what nail products are your favourite?  I hope that this post was helpful and interesting. See you very soon, I have a lot to share!


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