August 22, 2015

6 essential photo editing apps

People often ask me about how I am editing my photographs, what kind of filters do I use, how I make different effects and layouts. I love to read and watch other peoples recommendations myself and therefore finding a new cool apps for my phone, so I thought why not to share all my tips and tricks with you! So here they are, I wrote my own list of apps that I use all the time, so without further ado let's get right into it!
  1. Afterlight. It's the first photo editing app that I use when I editing my pictures. It has a lot of awesome features, like clarity, grain and the basic ones like brightness, saturation, exposure etc. Plus there are a lot of cool lighting and dusty effects as well as a simple filters. But I want to mention that it's not free app, but not that expensive also. I just love to use it and come back every time I edit something.
  2. Facetune. Wow. This one is a bomb. I use it not only for its direct mission to get rid of any pimples and to clear up (when I need sometimes) my skin, but also to whiten my photographs. It sounds strange, but you know when you photograph something white with bad lightning it looks terrible, and that's when this app also comes in handy.Afterwards it will look perfect! And that's not even it, what you can get from this app. It also has a features like blurring, changing the contour of different things and photo filters! It costs and absolutely worth it!
  3. VSCOcam. Probably the most famous photo editing app out there. It's so simple and free! Yay! My personal favourite filters are HB1, HB2, sometimes P5 and F2, but it all really depends on photo. And I really love black&white filters here!
  4. Squareready. It's definitely an essential! It's what you use when you need to get square photo for that Instagram. Also you can change the colour of the background and make it blurry.
  5. PicsArt. This one is a whole photo studio for the phone! It is a decent analogue to Photoshop but much easier to work with. It has a lot of unique photo effects and tools. One of my personal favourite is a motion and clone tools. You can see a lot of it on my Instagram (@katyaviko). Also you can add texts, clip arts and lens flares there as well as making a collages and draw everything you want on anything you want!
  6. InstaCollage. I use this one to make the classic collages from mu photographs. But if you want to make something special this app has a variety of collage layouts to choose from. Also you can make fun and unique posters there. They offer you photo editor there too, but to be honest I prefer to use an Afterlight and VSCO for these needs.
So this is going to be it for today's post. I wanted to share the very best of what I've learned about editing with all of you. Feel free to let me know, by leaving a comment,  which apps do you like the most to edit pictures with. I hope today's article was helpful and easy to read for you. Stay tuned for more...

Much love,
Katya xx


  1. Afterlight is my fave! Gotta love pic editing - could do it for days in lol
    Thanks for sharing this lovely review, girlie <3
    xox Nadia

  2. Thanks for sharing these photo editing apps, I will find them very handy soon