August 11, 2015

Summer essentials

It's already the middle of the summer ( it really just flies by, wow...) and I thought to share with you my go to things by far, things that I've been using/wearing basically every single day. So without further ado let's get right into it!

Let's start this list from the facial essentials.
You know in the summer time we all want to be comfortable, easy in makeup, we want our skin to be flawless and not heavy and caky with all of that coverage makeup products. So what I found for myself is that I just using this Garnier  BB cream, it's not expensive at all ( in case you'll bring it with you on the beach and might leave it there, who knows?) and supper effective! I mean it's light, designed for that oily skin, contains SPF and does great coverage without making skin too overloaded. So this product is definitely my fave for the summer time. And the last things that I use for my face are an eyelash curler, a lip balm (of course) and maybe a little bit of brow gel to keep them in shape. I like to leave this summer "makeup" like that, because it is that simple and I just love how it looks on face.

Talking about the face, my go to sunnies for this summer have been Zara shades, I love them for their print, design and shape, which  is super popular right now and this model is similar to the designer ones but the price is much lower!

For my nails I fall in love using Essie's light marshmallow and nude shades, like Blanc, Mint Candy Apple, Sand Tropez . They look so chic and these colors goes with every summer outfits.

As for me I love spending time outside in clothes that  allows me not to control my every single move and for that I've been loving my Topshop jean shorts. They cope with this mission so well!

To capture my little adventures on the go I either use my iPhone or my small camera. You it happens a lot for me when all the day I'm using my phone and right when I need to capture a beautiful moment my phone turns off, so in that case I always have my camera with me.

And finally I want to share with you my summer reading, which is the book called "The Catcher In The Rye" by Jerome David Salinger. If you haven't read it yet I'm highly recommending this incredible book and if you've  already done with it, please let me know in the comment section what do you think about it. 

So this's going to be it for today's article.
Feel free to share with me your personal favorites down below. 

See you very very soon here on The Timeless Classics!

Much love,
Katya xx

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  1. I'm wearing similar shorts today! Those nail colors are lovely as well. I should paint my nails soon.

    And I've read Catcher in the Rye! I quite liked it. It was a nice flow of consciousness from Holden. I know many people think he's just being whiny, but honestly it was a different time. Holden isn't SUPPOSED to be a good or perfect character. He's not a hero! He's like any teenager that is scared of the future.
    Peace & Love // Celestralite