September 30, 2015

Fall Shopping : shoes edition

So fall season is all about cool and chic stuff. I thought to start a "Fall Shopping" article series where I will share with you my favourite things to buy in the autumn. And todays post I dedicate to the SHOES! Shoe lovers - this one is for you!

From left to right:

I picked not only booties in the basic black color with not so basic details (of course) but also one pair with cool leopard print and one in the neutral color to dilute the dark palette.
From left to right:

Here you'll find both: femenine styles and inspiration from your most stylish guy's closet. Also these stylish flats are made to be multi purpose things. You know we all want to purchase things (especially shoes) which will work in a lot of different situations. So you can easily wear them in the office, school, university (if your dress code is democratic enough), and then transition them into your night/evening life.

From left to right:

This part of the article not for everybody fall times, because you know we all live in the different climatic conditions, so maybe these shoes will meet your end of the fall/winter needs. I personally love high boots in warm colors they reminds me of an autumn time and leaves you know, but for the rainy days I prefer to wear rubber boots and plus they are that stylish, so why not ?

From left to right:

This is my favourite part! I love sandals, heels and sandals on heels..) But in my weather conditions  I can only wear them indoors, but even inside there are a lot of occasions to wear them to: parties, dates, another special occasions, so it means - a ton! So even in sandals I want to feel fall vibes : suede, satin, warm colors and fringes, but the basic black will never hurt too) The more dramatic the better!

I hope this post was fun to read and you've found something interesting for yourself. Feel free to write me down below in the comments your thoughts and what kind of shoes and styles do you prefer for the fall time. See you very soon!

Much love,
Katya xx

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  1. ohhh I love all of these - especially the loafers! I just love fall shoes!